About Us

After 15 years floating around the Mediterranean, we have now planted ourselves firmly in Spain.

It seems incredible now, but opening a stylish Restaurant and Bar in this ‘seedy’ part of town in 1999 was seen by many as folly. Thankfully they were wrong, and our first venture, Bravo Wine Bar thrived and was at the forefront of gentrification of “the Valley”.

In 2002 we opened Monsoon Panasian Restaurant in the adjacent tenancy to much acclaim, and in 2009 after 7 great years Monsoon gave way to bravo bar b que, a chargrill restaurant where all dishes did time on the grill. Recognised for fantastic seafood, poultry and steaks, bravo bar b que was the recipient of many awards, including Best Steak Restaurant Queensland.

Now after 15 big years, we have recently secured another long term Lease at bravo wine bar, however were unable to do so at bravo bar.b.que, which as a result, traded its final day on Friday 20 December 2013.

This kick in the pants became a catalyst for change, and led us to envisage a bar and restaurant which would integrate the best from both venues. As the child of two Bravo greats, our new Toro bravo will unite authentic tapas from bravo wine bar & bistro, and the best chargrilled produce from bravo bar.b.que.  Chef Chris Anderson will lead the brigade, creating rustic plates, much of it designed to share, with smoking and charring stealing the show.

Toro bravo will showcase Spanish and Old World wines and Beers, and Cocktails will be “decidedly Latin”. As befitting its rich history, Toro Bravo promises to be a great place for some lively drinking and feasting well into the night.